Protecting 2020 Parliamentary Elections from Disinformation and Discrediting Campaigns on Social Media

Donor: East-West Management Institute

Duration: 15 April, 2020 – 15 April, 2021

Budget: 69,624 USD

Project Objectives:

  • To monitor malign information operations in social media during the 2020 Parliamentary elections;
  • To raise public awareness on disinformation, discrediting campaigns, and other social media trends;
  • To safeguard the social media space in Georgia against hostile foreign electoral interference.

Project Activities:

  • Uncover and report about discrediting, divisive, and disinformation campaigns on Facebook during the upcoming elections through multi-layer quantitative and qualitative monitoring;
  • Use ISFED’s online platforms and citizen outreach tools, including comics and chat-bot Goderdzi, to promote the monitoring findings and responsible use of social media;
  • Develop video PSAs on the threat of malign information campaigns and air them on national broadcasters and social media;
  • Carry out advocacy and outreach activities with Facebook to introduce more active measures for protecting the election period from malign information operations.