Strengthening Electoral and Political Processes in Georgia (SEPP)

Duration - February, 2016 - February 2019
Budget - 1 385 000 USD
Project Objectives:
a) provide impartial assessment of the elections and political developments based on sound and credible election observation methodology; b) increase awareness on the electoral processes among Georgian citizens and other target stakeholders by providing those monitoring findings through periodic reports and statements; c) contribute to the advancement of political processes in Georgia through the development and following up of recommendations for an improved electoral framework.
Project Activities:
Throughout the monitoring mission, Pre-election period will be observed as well as the work of the election administration, relevant government bodies at the central and local levels across Georgia
Trends will be analyzed, monitoring reports and periodic statements will be prepared on violations identified during pre-election monitoring period with respective follow-up actions
Up to 1000 short-term observers throughout Georgia will observe the Election Day at the poll stations selected through a random representative sample using Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) methodology
Throughout Election Day, the information submitted through PVT will be analysed and presented in the special Election Day statements regarding the voting process, particular incident reports, individual violations, and voting results
The final report will be prepared summarizing the results of monitoring findings as well as conclusions and recommendations aimed at improving the election environment and legal framework for the respective government entities